Friday, August 20, 2010

Brand new cup and saucer design! Will show you what it looks like when it's fired. The kiln's behaving again (for the moment).

Here are the results of the swiss jourey (yes, like the Eurovision Song Contest).

I watched the cones I placed in the glaze firing through the spy hole and saw them go over at 1250 degrees. The following firing went at 1240 degrees but the glazes look very unusual indeed! Last night I whacked the kiln on (with cones to see what really happened) to fire the 1250 and went to bed. I've had enough stressing over kilns. So will find out very late tonight if it's worked.

Although I turned the kiln off at 1250 I think all that over firing had damaged the elements so much one actually melted! I presume it arched because the coils were lying so flat and the concentrated current made it into a puddle.

I spent the weekend repairing the element and it is firing again but still not correctly. Time to phone pottery crafts!
This week's mantra is: If it can go wrong, it will go wrong! (But if you're not sure why it's gone wrong it's probably the kiln)

My fantasticly hard working little kiln has finally worked too hard! Little glaze blisters started to appear in the odd mug here and there last week until we had a full blown over firing. Warped and blistered pots a-go-go. So with the help of a very wize and genrous friend I borrowed a set of Orton pyrometric cones and set out to find out what was happening!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

13th and 14th August is the Royal Manx Show, come find me in the craft tent.