Sunday, July 11, 2010

Queenie Festival 2010

This weekend was the Queenie festival in Port St Mary. Woo-hoo-fishy!

For the last 7 days I've lived by our old art college moto of "Sleep is for the weak" (I must find out the latin for that - as if I'm not going to go google it now) and I have been hard-core-to-the-floor.

Somnus est ob Imbecillis. See I told you, but my latin grammar is shocking!

7 days of so little sleep I can't believe I'm not dead (am I hammering this home a bit too much? - that doesn't sound like something I'd do). But the only problem is I never got to see the rumored "starfish you can hold yourself" that would've been mega!

I was "Mrs Blue Peter" for the day and gave pottery lessons to any child who got within arm's reach of the pottery wheel. I'll take photos of thier awesome tiney pots tomorrow, when the world stops spinning anti clockwise and I can see straight again. A Camera is going on the top of the list of things to bring with me next time I do a demo, that and lunch.

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